L: Zoro, let's do this! It'll be fun! Everyone, ask us questions and we'll answer them! :D
Z: *sigh* They're going to ask stupid questions about our relationship aren't they? L: Yep. And we should draw the answers too! Z: Something tells me this isn't going to be good. Well, listen up people! You can ask my captain, me or both of us at the same time (which won't turn out well so don't). If you want to ask just one of us, just put an 'L' or a 'Z' at the beginning of your question ok. L: ... Yeah, what Zoro said :D


Z: Luffy you’re not helping me here…

Z: I think I’d prefer to deal with the babies at Water 7…

Z: Ah no, not really. I don’t think he’s ever really-

Z: Stop giving him stupid ideas…!

Z: Well since Luffy’s a bit slow it took him a while to realise…

L: But Zoro took them off, that’s why it hasn’t healed yet! >:( Zoro, you can be really stupid sometimes.


Z: We sort of just became a couple at some point, it wasn’t an official thing. Luffy was technically the first to ‘make a move’, but that’s because he’s emotional and doesn’t really understand the idea of personal space. He was always doing random stuff like this

L: I think we became a couple when Zoro started hugging back


N: Each of you owes me 500 beli for answering this~

L: Everyones invited!!

Z: But we’re not getting married… at least… not yet…

Z: No we don’t. We sang a song together once “Holy Holiday” but that doesn’t really count…
L: Wait Zoro! We do have a song! Remember the one Brook played for us once?

Z:… that is not our song.
L: Awww but its funny!
Z: It’s not funny at all… Well if anyone thinks of a song for us, then send us a message and I suppose we’ll choose one or something.